Because of their unique requirements, having a paralyzed dog or cat is not easy for every pet owner. Because of this, crippled dogs are frequently abandoned by their owners, who are unable to care for them.

She was a beautiful little puppy, but she was crippled and ended up on the streets of Salta, Argentina, where she was abandoned. Fortunately, one of the dog-grooming staff noticed Lunita and felt terrible for her, prompting the compassionate individual to contact the rescue organization LUBA Salta for assistance. Soon after, two volunteers arrived on the scene to assess Lunita’s condition and transport her.

She was discovered face down on the pavement, chained to a railing near a dog grooming establishment, when she was discovered. One of her hind legs was hooked to the back of a rusty wheelchair. A bag of diapers and a note with her name, age, and an explanation were found beside her. Her prior owners said that they were unable to care for her and that they did not provide her with any food or drink.

Following that, she was taken to a shelter and placed in a foster family. A group of volunteers put her information on Facebook in the hopes of finding her a new family. An American family approached the organization and expressed an interest in providing Lunita with a permanent residence in the United States.

In Lunita’s new home, things did not turn out as planned, unfortunately. It was because the family didn’t know how to properly care for a handicapped dog that Lunita had a life-threatening staphylococcal infection, which was caused by negligence.

It required a significant amount of work and medical care to assist her in treating all of the problems. After then, another family from the United States adopted Lunita and provided her with a permanent home. Due to the fact that she had a new family and was in wonderful health, she quickly became one of the happiest dogs we’d ever seen. She would be able to play with her canine sibling, run around in a wheelchair that was custom-built for her, visit parks, play in the snow, and even attend birthday celebrations.

Only a month after celebrating her 11th wedding anniversary, she became ill and was admitted to the intensive care unit at University Medical Hospital, where she fought for her life until succumbing in the presence of her family.

According to Lunita’s mother’s Facebook post, “I will never forget her or how much she meant to me.” My life was irrevocably altered by her. ‘I had a strong attachment to her.’

Lunita’s narrative has come to a close, and she has shown to be an incredible example of determination. There’s little doubt about it: Lunita’s final year of life was the most fulfilling of her life. Tell everyone you know about this story so that they can pray for this amazing dog! Lunita, may you rest in peace.

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