In 2011, a guy by the name of Ernie Moss was witness to a heart – wrenching event. His dogs were barking at something in the ditch when he came across it while walking them. The closer he approached to it, the more he recognized it was a Pit Bull who was in terrible condition. She looked as though she had been crushed. Electric tape had been used to secure her lips together, and her legs had been linked together. Meantime, Moss fought to liberate the puppy while telling his wife to call for assistance.

The dog was rescued by the Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS) who arrived quickly. The dog was virtually frozen to the ground by the time they came, and Moss had only just managed to break free of the constraints when they arrived. Because of their failure to act quickly and decisively, she would have passed away.

Tatiana, also known as “Tater Tot” or “Taters,” was given the name CAHS by the Pit Bull’s owner. It was in that shelter that Tatiana spent about a year and a half, gradually recovering from her many injuries. Her health problems turned out to be much more serious than anybody could have expected.

“It was clear from the outset that being tied and left out in the cold for deceased was not the only thing she was concerned about,” according to CAHS. After only a quick scan, it became clear that she had had severe brain trauma. She was promptly sent to a nearby veterinary clinic for treatment and diagnostic tests.” he said.

Following her initial medical treatment, Tatiana was sent to Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary, where she was welcomed with emotional support. She was still nervous around pets and people in general, particularly guys. For anybody to win her trust again, it would take a long time.

However, when Tatiana’s abuser was apprehended, the shelter’s staff believes that he was not adequately punished. He entered a no contest plea to the animal mistreatment allegations against him. He was sentenced to pay $10,000 in penalties and was only imprisoned for 43 days, less than the 93 days that had been recommended. He should have faced far worse punishment for what he did to this wonderful puppy. He deserved it.

Because of Tatiana’s fear of being alone, it was very difficult to find her a home. But, over time, she came to trust the people who worked at the shelter. She quickly established herself as a popular among the residents of the shelter.

Tatiana wasn’t considered adoptable until she was in her late twenties, when she had become less afraid of the outside world. Senior Pit Bulls, on the other hand, who must be the only dog in the household, are not in great demand. Tatiana continued to live in the shelter as the years went by, but it wasn’t enough to sustain her.

Fortunately, a volunteer called Michelle came up to provide assistance. The foster mother began out by parenting Tatiana on the weekends, but she eventually decided to become her permanent full-time foster parent.

“Mackenzie’s lengthy volunteers are able to provide permanent foster homes for the rescue’s most difficult-to-place pets. As a result of all Tatiana has gone through, she will now be able to spend her senior years in a loving home,” Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary noted on their website.

Tatiana has finally found a loving home after ten years in the shelter system. She will be able to spend her last years in this household. And it seems that she has already established herself as a member of the family. After a terrible history, she is now able to experience love and joy as a result of the kindness of her rescuers.

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By Elen

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