Jarret Little and his friends were riding in the woods in Columbus, Georgia, when things got serious.

The party halted on the side of the road to reorganize. A dog hobbled out of the bushes. “We halted to regroup and he greeted us from the woods. “He had ribs showing, road rash, and a fractured leg,” Little said CBS News. An apparent car-hit dog in need of assistance.

The riders gave the dog treats and water. Little knew he had to assist the dog, but he had no method to carry it. Then he decided to bring the dog into town for aid. He tucked the dog’s shattered leg inside his shirt’s back pocket. The dog on Little’s back photograph has gone viral.

When they got in town, a lady rushed to help the wounded dog. Andrea Shaw, a business visitor, was smitten by the little pup. “I’m rescuing this dog — he’s bleeding and broken,” Shaw told her husband shortly after meeting the dog. She took Little’s puppy to the vet. “She kept him and had him checked out,” Little added.

Shaw generously covered for the dog’s broken leg and toe surgery. Her instant attraction to him compelled her to take him in. She arranged for Columbo’s travel to her horse property in Maine.

Shaw and Little were scheduled to meet and rescue the wounded dog. If I been five minutes sooner or later, we wouldn’t have met, says Little of the chance meeting.

Columbo, often known as “Bo,” made it safely to Maine and began his new life there. Following four pins were placed in his hind leg to secure the fractures and a complete cast on his front leg to repair a fractured toe, “Bo traveled with 25 staples in his rear leg,” Shaw said on Facebook. She was so taken aback by Grateful Doggies that she hired them to carry Bo to her house. “They administered all of his medications and kept him comfortable until he was placed back in my arms.”

Shaw created a Facebook page, The Adventures of Columbo, to bring people up to speed on Bo’s development as seen through his eyes, as well as to aid other dogs who are in trouble. Bo is enjoying his new home and getting to know his new siblings, particularly his big brother Luquillo, who is a big help. He is making a gradual but steady recovery and has just begun physical therapy to help him regain his ability to walk. He has his own “convertible” dog kennel, which he may use to snooze in while his other canine siblings are having fun. His wonderful treats will keep him going till his ability to run is restored. We wish you the best of luck in your recovery, Bo!

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