Some dogs seem to be destined for celebrity for no apparent reason.

Andrey and Anastasia are a young couple who reside in a Moscow flat with their mother and father. Because they aren’t quite ready to have a family just yet, they looked for a cuddly companion on Avito, the Russian counterpart of eBay, to spend their lives with. They were looking through the various cats and kittens when they saw a pair of bright yellow eyes that captured their interest.

Andrey and Anastasia fell head over heals in love with the black Maine coon cat in the photographs as soon as they saw them. Despite the fact that they believed he looked like a little panther and that he was so large they were concerned he would not even fit inside their small flat, they opted to adopt him anyway.

“His muzzle in the advertisement appeared to be screaming out to us,” Andrey said. However, despite the fact that a large number of other people were interested in adopting the kitten, the couple snatched him up and carried him home that very same day.

They were debating whether or not to name him right away, but while watching a television program, they heard the name Vincent and immediately realized it was the appropriate choice for their new family member. Given that there is something quite human about this cat’s visage, why shouldn’t he be addressed by his human counterpart?

Vincent has grown into a gigantic, jet-black house panther. Andrey claims the cat isn’t even fully grown yet and it’s tough to pick him up. Vincent, like many Maine coon cats, has an odd “chirping” meow and behaves more like a dog than a cat. He sneezes and hurries to check whether everyone is alright.

In response to our sneezing, he always responds by yelling something in his own tongue, his owner joked.

Vincent dazzled Anastasia and Andrey’s friends so much they created social media profiles for him. He has over 665,000 TikTok followers and another 18,000 on Instagram. Fans like his luxuriant fur, penetrating eyes, and sheer size.

“He’s an inquisitive child,” Audrey added. “He keeps a careful watch on us in the bedroom, shower, and closet.”

The pair is in love with their new family member, but they caution others that adopting a Maine coon may not be the best choice for them. They need a great deal of effort – as well as a lot of room! In all seriousness, though, we believe the effort has been worthwhile. Vincent is a one-of-a-kind kitten!

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