The situation inside an apartment complex in Santa Monica, California, seemed to be gloomy.

Several fire engines were sent to the area when a fire broke out inside Crystal Lamirande’s residence. In the middle of their efforts to get the wildfire under control, Crystal cried to firefighter Andrew Klein, telling him that her 10-year-old dog, Nalu, was trapped inside the apartment.

A firefighter’s devotion to saving lives is constant, and Nalu’s life was no less important to him as Crystal’s. Crawling into the smoky house on his hands and knees in search of victims, he bravely threw his pack over his shoulder and entered the building. Eventually he found the dog, but she was eerily still.

Nalu, according to Andrew, was “completely lifeless” when he discovered her. He carried her outdoors to get some fresh air, and then he started performing life-saving procedures on her.

Then, for the following 20 minutes, Andrew gave Nalu mouth-to-snout resuscitation, which was successful. The dog didn’t have a pulse and wasn’t even breathing properly. Despite her grief, Crystal remained close to Andrew as he attempted to bring her four-legged companion back to life. They were surrounded by fellow firemen and passersby who were quietly praying for a happy result.

Nalu finally woke up after what seemed like a lifetime!

Andreas calmed the dog as she unsteadily awoke and began to walk about. In spite of being weak and afraid, the animal was otherwise unhurt. In order to save her life, Nalu was transported to a veterinarian and put in an oxygen tent for approximately 24 hours. When she was released from the hospital, she was back to her normal, cheerful self. Think about what may have occurred if Andrew hadn’t responded so fast and used his expertise to such a high degree of success!

Nalu was able to make a full recovery owing to the kindness and courage of this incredible fireman! Andrew definitely puts a great value on the preservation of human life. It doesn’t matter if they’re human or animal to the ones that like and cherish them!

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By Elen

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