Stela Niznik and her fellow yogis were invited to create a goal for the day while participating in a yoga session.

The exercise is something the class practices on a regular basis, but on this particular day, Stela decided to do something wonderful for someone else. According to her, she would have the chance to do just that in a matter of minutes.

On her morning ride to work, the owner of Chicken and the Egg restaurant saw an automobile parked in the middle of the street. She stopped to investigate. The only people she saw outside were a guy, a small child, and an elderly lady, but it was another woman that attracted her eye the most.

According to Stela, the lady was “pregnant and wearing a dress,” and “I could see blood all over her legs.”

She drove over and called 911 without a second’s hesitation. An ambulance was on its way, but in the meanwhile, the operator asked Stela to check on the lady to determine how far along she was in the cycle of life. Stela could already make out the shape of the baby’s head at that moment.

In response to Stela’s call, the lady on the other end of the line instructed her to “take a deep breath and’stay cool’ since she needed to deliver the baby right away and didn’t have time to wait for an ambulance.”

Fortunately, Stela didn’t have to go through the pain of giving birth to her first child on her own. The 911 operator remained on the line to provide her with instructions, one of which was to have the pregnant lady lie on top of her yoga mat, which she did.

Then, with one hand, I simply began slapping her legs and screaming at her like crazy, saying things like ‘Come on mom!’ and ‘Come on dad!’ You’re on top of it. “Just keep pushing, pushing, pushing!” Stela shared her thoughts. “And then, eventually, the baby simply happened to fall perfectly in my arms.”

Soon after, an ambulance came and took Mom and her baby to the hospital, where they were both determined to be in good health!

Stela’s gratitude, on the other hand, does not stop there.

Stela learned more about this incredible family’s history after the birth of their daughter, Darlie. Even during previous three months, they’d been traveling by bus and on foot from Chile to the United States in search of a better life, something that had become extremely difficult in Chile due to the cholera pandemic.

In the course of their journey, they went through 11 countries and were robbed on many occasions. As they prepare to begin their new life in a foreign nation, they have engaged the assistance of Stela, who has been more than willing to assist them so far.

In addition to starting a GoFundMe campaign for them, she has become a close friend of the family.

The family has requested my assistance with doctor’s visits, transportation, the search for a permanent residence, and the purchase of basic necessities. According to Stela, “the money will be deposited into my bank account until we can register a bank account for Darlie.” “The family is aware of the funds and I am currently handling their bills until the family has their own bank account.”

Darlie Stela is the name they’ve given their newborn daughter as a way of expressing their appreciation for Stela’s support and encouragement.

According to Darlie’s mother, “I have no hesitation that God brought Stela in my life.” “I hope she continues to support others because God will bless her for her efforts.”

“I don’t believe it was an accident that I just happened to be there and that I simply happened to stop,” Stela said.

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