Find out more about Jamie, a 13-year-old Burmese cat who wound up at a sanctuary because his owner relocated right into a nursing home and was unable to bring him with her. Jamie was suffering from cat influenza, terrible teeth, and kidney problems when he arrived at the RSPCA Australia, but the organization was able to offer him the medical attention that he needed.

Then a young woman by the name of Sarah Dempsey stepped in to make things right again. In search of a cat that would ensure her continued success, she came to the shelter. In an interview with The Dodo, Dempsey explained that Jamie had been sleeping when he was initially satisfied. “When I bent down to look at him, he woke up,” he said. I could tell he wanted pats on the back. My instincts told me he’d save me from the experience of being alone, and I knew he’d do the same for me.”

Her boyfriend has become smitten with her since she brought Jamie home. The actor asserted that “he will not leave my side.” In the middle of the night, he likes to converse with me and follows me around my flat.

However, the most important aspect is that the cat will not even relax if his new mother is not clutching his hand at all times! He will awaken, meow, and claw my hand back to him if I let go,” Dempsey explained. “He is a really intelligent cat.” “I suppose we’ve already made a pact.”

Introduce yourself to Jamie, the newly adopted cat that will not sleep unless his brand-new mother holds his paw.

The Burmese cat, who was 13 years old at the time, wound up in a shelter after his owner moved into a nursing facility.

He was adopted by a young lady. “He’s not going to leave my side… He has a great deal of regard for you.”

But the nicest thing is that they sleep with their hands clasped together.

He rises up and meows while clawing my hand back to him if I let go of his paw… “I believe we’ve already tied the knot.”

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