Dogs are man’s best friends, and they play such an important role in our lives that we must provide them with the best care possible. Unfortunately, not all dogs are loved unconditionally, and some dogs struggle to find their permanent home, despite the fact that they are adorable and have an excellent personalities.

The sorrowful story of a dog named Jubilee who was rejected because of her flaws is told in the video below. Due to a birth defect, Jubilee’s eyes do not align in the normal manner. Congenital strabismus, often known as crossed eyes, is the medical term for this condition.

In the beginning, she was rejected by a breeder because of her appearance, and she has been striving to find a forever home ever since. Despite the fact that the cross-eyed husky is a sweet and adoptable dog with an endearing attitude, she has never been able to find her forever home.

Husky House employees posted Jubilee’s story on Facebook in the hopes of finding him a loving forever home with his new family. Because a large number of individuals commented and shared the message, it immediately became popular. While some individuals were critical of her appearance, others expressed a desire to adopt her.

Because not everyone is trustworthy, Husky House conducts house visits. They said that many people adopted pets only to abandon them at local animal shelters.

However, despite the fact that everyone who has commented on her has expressed interest in her, Husky House has not received many official applications. As a result, she is still available for adoption. In the meanwhile, we hope that Jubilee will soon find a forever home where she will be cherished and cared for.

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