The Middletown Police Department in Connecticut hired K-9 Officer Hunter in 2006, and he and his partner Michael D’Aresta served there for ten years until they were diagnosed with cancer.

They wanted him to know how much they cared about him on his last day on this planet before passing away.

Each and every day while on the force, Hunter placed his life on the line in order to keep the neighborhood safe. Following a deterioration in his health, his devoted service to the police department came to a painful conclusion recently:

“K-9 Hunter has been ill for a few days, and tests revealed that he has a very aggressive form of liver cancer, which he is undergoing treatment for. “Unfortunately, they suggested that he be euthanized,” wrote Sgt. Doug Clark, the Middletown K-9 handler, on the department’s website.

The diagnosis forced D’Aresta to make the difficult decision to put his friend Toby to sleep, and he wasn’t the only one who felt bereaved. Hunter was in D’Aresta’s arms when the tragic day arrived. He was joined by his fellow officers as he took one final salute from those who had served so devotedly beside him.

“Officer D’Aresta and Hunter have been an amazing team serving the City of Middletown in a high-class manner since 2007,” Clark stated in his letter. Michael and his family are going through a difficult time right now, as you might understand.”

K-9 Hunter’s impact has traveled across the country and around the world, despite the fact that Middletown has a population of only approximately 50,000 people. It is a legacy that will not be forgotten anytime soon, thanks to the heartfelt manner the police department said goodbye to the canine officer.

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