The Arizona Humane Society was contacted about a limping white dog that was in poor condition.

The puppy, who had only been a few weeks old at the time, was fast withering in front of our own eyes and was being prepared for death as we stood there watching.

Ellie Smith, the owner of the Sky Sanctuary Rescue, intervened to save the day and get the situation under control.

The dog was going to be taken with her in an effort to save her life.

Penelope, as Ellie affectionately nicknamed her new ward, was examined by a veterinarian at the shelter before being adopted.

The dog’s blood was discovered to be nearly devoid of platelets, which was a surprise to the researchers.

Because the numbers were so horrendous, the hematological analyzer refused to provide a result.

Ticks had infested the puppy’s skin, and his mucous membranes were “ghost white,” as the phrase goes.

However, the doctor was determined to rescue the dog in whatever way he could despite his slim prospects of success.

Dr. Jen Gilson, on the other hand, had two dogs in mind: Murphy, a rescue, and Riggs, her own.

On the basis of the blood type, just one kind of blood was discovered: Murphy’s.

Penelope was brought back to life with a few shots and is now recovering well.

The mucous membranes and nose of the puppy became pink, and life began to emerge in the animal’s glazed eyes.

The fact that Murphy, as if sensing the importance of Penelope’s involvement in the therapy, would not leave her alone and would keep a close check on her was particularly remarkable.

As a result, the dog looked straight into the eyes of her rescuer at the moment, as if she were expressing gratitude for her aid.

Penelope made it out of the woods alive. That wasn’t the only encouraging development.

When the puppy was returned to her mother, she was welcomed and allowed to milk.

It is an unbelievable destiny for a dog to get into the hands of the proper person just one step before death!

By Elen

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