Some canines devote their entire lives to doing nice deeds for the benefit of humans. And even after they have passed away, their dedication is never forgotten. In this case, the story is about Buddie, a deceased dog whose cemetery was just discovered in Kiroli Park in the Louisiana town of West Monroe.

Zach Medlin, who was walking his dog through the park at the time, happened upon the grave. The man stated that he had observed something that appeared to be a stone beneath a layer of fallen leaves and pine needles. Serena, his dog, appeared to be utterly fascinated by the swimming ducks in a nearby lake, and she was chasing them about the yard. Meanwhile, the man was only concerned with the stone.

After spending some time figuring out how to get to it, he was finally able to see the stone with his own eyes and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Some pine straw had been placed over the lettering,” Medlin explained to The Dodo. Consequently, I had to pull the pine straw out of the way in order to read what was on the grave monument.”

Untended for 80 years, a dog burial was found in the middle of a 160-acre city park. He fell into tears when he read the beautiful inscription. Buddie, the family’s wonderful dog, had inspired a lot of love and affection in him, and he could understand that.

The legend of Buddie’s death was passed down to him by a local sage later on. As a mascot for Boy Scout summer camp, the dog performed tricks and played games with the campers. When a boy was swimming in the lake one day, he began to drown and eventually passed. Buddie became aware of this and began barking to alert the other Scouts, who arrived in time to save his life and bring him back to life.

Another source, on the other hand, had an entirely different explanation. Lora Peppers’ investigation came up with the polar opposite conclusion.

“According to Mrs. Dee Strickland, the dog belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Jones, who lived at 215 Breard St. in Monroe,” she said. The Jones [family] welcomed Mrs. Strickland into their home in 1932. The dog in question was a stunning Irish setter. She stated on that Mr. Jones took him to Kiroli Park to run on a regular basis. “When he passed away, he wanted to bury him in Kiroli Park,” she said.

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