She was raised in the backyard, but she was the only member of her litter to suffer from this condition, so her siblings were quickly adopted, leaving her to fend for herself in the wild.

Her owners were at a loss as to what to do with her, and since no one seemed to be interested in rescuing her, they were contemplating put down as a last resort.

After convincing them that all she needed was a loving home, Anna came to their aid, and they agreed to let Anna become their pet.

She was quite kind towards Anna as soon as she returned home, almost as if she had a lot of love to spill on her!

So, first and foremost, she brought Tilly to the veterinarian to learn more about the condition. There, they discovered that her spine would not be able to develop as she should.

This meant that Tilly’s life expectancy was only around 3-5 months, which Anna described as “breaking my heart.”

2 years have passed.

And Tilly’s health is in better shape than it has ever been! They continue to take her to the veterinarian on a monthly basis, but they now believe she will have a long and happy life! “I’ve never seen a dog like her before; she’s so little, weighing just 8.8 pounds.”

“I’ve never seen a dog like her, she’s so little, she’s 8.8 pounds”

She’s still able to offer happiness to the whole family, despite her limitations.

She enjoys playing with her goodies, racing around the house, and just being a normal, happy dog as she grows older.

“Everyone who knows Tilly has a soft spot for her. She infuses a place with so much love and positive energy. “I’d never encountered a dog quite like Tilly before.”

By Elen

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