Even though we have seen innumerable films of reunions between owners and their dogs over the years, we are always amazed by how heartwarming they are. And the emotional reunion between a Golden Retriever and her owner depicted in this article is no different. The story will undoubtedly warm your heart and may perhaps bring you to tears. Prepare your tissues because this is a really emotional video.

Buddy is a 13-year-old Golden Retriever who spent her whole life on this planet with her closest friend Hannah Foraker, who she considers to be her second mother. Hannah, on the other hand, enrolled in the army and was sent to basic training in Oklahoma when she reached 21.

The thought of having to say goodbye to her furry buddy and horse, Derby, made Hannah’s heart suffer even more. As a result, when Hannah returned home for Christmas after three months away in basic training, she couldn’t wait to see Buddy. And when Buddy met Hannah for the second time, she couldn’t keep her delight and excitement in check.

They’ve been together since Buddy was a puppy, so their relationship is special. Nothing could keep Buddy from greeting Hannah with the warmest of welcomes, despite the fact that she is now extremely elderly, has arthritis, and is largely deaf. When she finally sees Hannah again after three months away, she buries her head in Hannah’s lap and bursts into tears of joy. Hannah, of course, was overjoyed and immediately started petting her cherished companion.

“When we opened the front door, she came coming out and welcomed me and my family, but then she sort of took a double-take and came back to me,” Foraker said.

Dogs are known for their loyalty, and Buddy serves as one example. Those they care about never forget who they are, and they shower them with “unconditional affection.” Consequently, we must look after our best friends since they are both our friends and members of our extended families.

Buddy and her owner had an emotional reunion in the video seen below:

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