A well-known fact is that homeless individuals often have difficulties in obtaining veterinary treatment for their dogs; but, one guy is working to alter that.
Get to know Dr. Stewart Kwane, a self-described street veterinarian,’ who has devoted his life to compassionately treating the lovely pets of the homeless population of California.

He has been on this mission since 2011, and in addition to providing medical care for the animals, he also pays for basic food and veterinary expenditures (if necessary) out of his own funds!

In order to be available to assist any animals that he may come across while on his rounds, wherever possible, he takes a medical kit with him when on his rounds.

Due to the fact that his adventures were becoming more expensive, Dr. Kwane established a GoFundMe site to gather funds to assist him in his objective.

According to Dr. Kwane, the cost of simple treatments such as ear infections, flea treatment, and immunizations may be as little as $100, however, the cost of more critical instances of pet care such as tumor removal or tooth extractions can be as high as $1500.

So preserving these poor creatures may be quite expensive, as shown by the case of Dinker, a little dog that was rescued.

“Dinker has a very unusual illness that necessitates surgery by a specialist,” Dr. Kwane explains, adding that although he is doing all he can to help, the treatment he truly needed will be incredibly costly.

The most authentic stories of love, compassion, hardship and hope have been shared with me,” says the author.

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