Willie Ortiz is a 76-year-old man from Hartford, Connecticut, who is a veteran and a scrap metal collector by trade. He has been feeding stray cats in his neighborhood for 22 years, and he has never missed a single day of it. Regardless of the weather, whether it’s raining, snowing, or freezing cold, he still goes out and gathers scrap metal to help pay for food and cat necessities. Besides feeding them every night and spraying and neutering them, Willie takes care of them in order to keep the stray population from becoming out of hand.

He began feeding kittens after seeing that people were neglecting a starving kitten that was begging for food on the street. It needed assistance, Willie realized as he approached it. “People were pushing it away,” he stated. “I’m well aware that these animals are unable to comprehend my accent, but I must do something.” From that day forward, he determined that caring for stray cats would be his life’s work.

During the day, Willie drives about gathering leftovers to sell, and in the evening, he leaves his house with tin cans of sardines and cat food, which he uses to feed the cats and check on their health as they sleep. The cats that he looks for are in excellent condition and are properly fed.

Along with providing daily cat food, Willie also provides care for wounded or sick cats, transporting them to a veterinarian when necessary. He claims that, despite the fact that his work is very challenging, it is his life and that it allows him to be completely content. The cats will continue to be fed as long as Willie is able, according to him.

Recently, a lady called Kathleen Schlentz established a gofundme website to assist Willie in purchasing additional cat food for the kitties. It’s hardly unexpected that it exceeded its fundraising goal, but you may still contribute money to this cause. We hope that those who believe in Willie’s cause will continue to donate to him.

Through a GoFundMe campaign, Kathleen Schlentz described her husband’s work as follows: “He now feeds 16 colonies of stray and wild cats, a total of 68 cats, every night of the year and has not missed a night in 22 years.” “He sees to it that they have all they need to live as comfortably as possible.”

More individuals like Willie are needed in the world — people whose everyday good actions contribute to making the world a little better place. Not everyone, on the other hand, agrees with his choice. “People often inquire as to why I feed them every day, or they complain that I give them too much,” Ortiz said. “You don’t eat every day, do you?” Three meals are provided, and they eat once every 24 hours.”

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