It was love at first sight for Tilly G and Skippy when they first met. Skippy the dog and Tilly G the tortoise were adopted together and are currently enjoying their new home in a comfortable environment.

Skippy is devoted to his buddy and would go to any length to ensure that his pal is pleased in return. They do practically everything together, including slithering, playing, and sleeping, but the ideal time for them to relax is when Skippy delivers sticks for the tortoise to chew on.

Even if Tilly G isn’t paying attention to this, Skippy continues to deliver sticks whenever he comes across them. The tortoise will be delighted if the sticks include romaine lettuce or any other kind of leaf, but the dog delivers sticks that are devoid of any green cover.

But that doesn’t matter since they spend their time laughing and adoring one another as if they were genuine family members. You may also follow them on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

By Elen

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