Sandi, Karen’s Labradoodle, has been a part of her family since he was a puppy, and he has always been very attached to them. The dog is typically quite interested in what his family members are doing and will follow them around the house. Sandy attempts to follow the kids to school every day, but they always catch up with him and bring him home before he gets too far ahead of himself. One day, though, things will change.

Due to the fact that the family was a bit more preoccupied than usual, the sneaky dog was able to escape and track the children all the way to school. Sandy ended himself in the principal’s office, where a member of staff took a picture of him and forwarded it to Karen as proof of his arrest. Because they live so near together, they allowed one of the children to escort him back to his house because his phone had been switched off by mistake.

“I understand that not every labradoodle belongs to you, but is this your dog?” Take a look at the SMS message. Karen was so saddened by the situation that she decided to go down to the school to convey her remorse. Sandy, on the other hand, seems to be completely unaffected by his actions!

The entire thing made the school personnel laugh, and the dog seemed to be very pleased with himself. Therefore, there is no damage done in the end. Sandy’s family will just have to take further precautions in the future to guarantee that she does not wind up in the principal’s office!

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By Anna

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