Seeing someone master ice skating is a breathtaking experience.
In addition, the skater can do tricks that you would not have imagined were possible.

Furthermore, one of the most appealing aspects of the sport is that it is not restricted to adults.
Ice skaters under the age of twenty-one from all around the world have already acquired the ability to wow audiences with their spectacular performances.

Take the case of Veronica Zhilina, for instance.

Veronica, who is just ten years old, skates at a level comparable to that of a person three times her age.

She is originally from Moscow, Russia, and seems to be completely at ease while she is performing on ice in front of enormous audiences of people.
Check out the video below to see Veronica do a jaw-dropping act to the song “Hallelujah” to the tune of the same name.

To begin, Veronica takes a position in the center of the ice, waiting for the music to begin playing.

It is at this point that she unveils something that she had been clutching in her hands all along: a light.
She lifts it to the heavens, her arms spread in front of her.

Then she lowers one arm, rotates around, and demonstrates it to the audience in front of her.
What happens as a result of her actions is just stunning.

The rest of the audience is also equipped with lights, and when she flashes her light in their direction, they respond by shining their lights in her direction.

The lights flicker back and forth in the pitch-black arena, setting the atmosphere for an emotionally charged and poignant performance routine.

After placing the light on the ice and skating away from it as the song’s lyrics begin to be sung, Veronica returns to her seat.
She starts her technique by gliding over the ice with her arms swinging and graceful spins in her hands.

It doesn’t take long for Veronica to wow the audience with some impressive demonstrations of her amazing balance and suppleness.
She brings one of her legs up to her head and wraps it up tight around her torso.

She is now skating on one foot while executing the vertical splits while skating on the other.

Applause erupts from the audience, indicating their satisfaction with the performance.

Veronica, on the other hand, has a lot more in store for the audience than simply demonstrations of flexibility.
While still in the air, she immediately transitions into the first of a series of complex routines that entail her spinning around at tremendous speeds.

She accelerates and propels herself into the air with great force.

She tucks herself into a tight coil and spins so quickly that it’s impossible to estimate how many revolutions she completes before landing elegantly back on the ice surface.

Following the successful completion of this maneuver, Veronica maintains her pace and glides around the ice rink, moving her body in time with the beat of the music and providing magnificent visuals to an already wonderful song.

Just as previously, Veronica jumps into the air and spins in a swift and smooth motion through the air.
The audience is enthralled by what they are seeing and erupts in applause once again.

The conclusion of her routine sees Veronica making her way back to the middle of the ice, where she had left the light she had used at the start of the performance a moment before.
Then she lifts it up and spins around with it, adjusting the positions of her arms, legs, and head as she does so.

In the same manner that she began her performance, she comes out of the tight spin and lifts the light into the air, bringing her routine to a close.

To see Veronica’s whole performance, watch the video below, and feel free to pass it along to a friend!
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By Anna

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