Dogs are our greatest companions, and it’s heartbreaking to see them abandoned in the streets of our cities. They would be confronted with a world in which they would have to entirely fend for themselves in order to live if there were no human intervention.

The story of Bluebelle, a female Pit Bull who was abandoned in an empty parking lot in Austin, Texas, is told in this video. Her owners abandoned her, leaving her with nothing except her bed as a source of comfort. “I’ll just sit here calmly on the bed and wait for someone to notice me,” she said.

Fortunately, someone discovered her and contacted the Austin Animal Center for assistance. If Bluebelle saw that the animal control authorities were approaching her in the parking lot, she looked up at them with gentle, mournful eyes and graciously received gifts from their hands.

In the words of Stephanie McCutcheon, coordinator of marketing and volunteers at the Austin Animal Center, “It’s tough to express how happy Bluebelle is to have been saved and brought to the shelter.” The first few days at the shelter, Bluebelle drank a lot of water and spent a lot of time sleeping in the air-conditioned luxury of her bed.

In addition to suffering from conjunctivitis in both eyes, the staff reported that Bluebelle had Demodex mange, which caused her to lose hair and raw meat. However, the Austin Animal Center is now providing her with the care she needs. Her health issues do not deter her from living a full and happy life, despite the fact that she has them.

“She is in good spirits, despite all of her health challenges,” McCutcheon said of his mother. Her small grin and even a little spring in her stride make her the sweetest thing on the planet. We have fantastic Animal Care personnel and veterinarians who have been providing her with excellent care.”

We are delighted to learn that Bluebelle has been placed with a foster mother who is eager to care for her. Following her recovery, she will be welcomed into her permanent family, who will be her constant companions for the rest of her life.

“Despite the fact that she seems to be in poor health, her heart is still full, and she is quite friendly to people,” McCutcheon said. The meeting with a foster family and their dog went very well, and Bluebelle will be leaving the shelter very soon!” said the shelter’s spokesperson.

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