As the terrible conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, the internet has been overloaded with photographs and videos of people and their dogs leaving their homes in search of safety in other countries.. However, not everyone has been protected as of yet. There are still a large number of animals in Ukraine who are in serious need of assistance.

Fortunately, a large number of courageous volunteers and shelter employees have opted to remain behind to care for these unfortunate creatures. Some individuals are even willing to put their lives at danger by driving into the war-torn Ukraine to assist them. One of these individuals is Jakub Kotowicz, a Polish veterinarian.

Jakub, in collaboration with other volunteers, coordinated a rescue mission into Ukraine to save lives. He want to assist the animals who had been abandoned during the conflict. Continue reading to find out how Jakub and his crew protected animals. Caution: some of these photographs may cause significant emotional reactions in certain people.

Every journey, the vehicle is packed with animal cages and food supplies for the animals.

Non-stop medical treatment and supplies are provided by the veterinarians to underprivileged animals, but they also provide much-needed emotional support.

The vets and volunteers work all day and night.

Many animals were unable to be rescued and were forced to be put down.

Other animal rescue organizations from Ireland, Denmark, and many other countries also joined to help these animals.

The group of vets and volunteers is putting all of the money they have together to purchase everything they will need.

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