Five years ago, the debut of the program “Live” on one of the prominent channels was announced, in which they included Yana Muratova, a girl from Stavropol who was featured in the program. Because to a congenital benign tumor on Yana’s nose, which developed while she was still in the womb and was exacerbated by a lengthy and painful delivery, Yana has been suffering from the illness since she was a young girl.

Already enrolled in the program, the young lady arrived with a history of 16 complicated procedures under her belt, none of which had shown any positive outcomes – the tumor continued to grow. Following the final two interventions, the girl’s health started to worsen dramatically, and she was hospitalized twice as a result.

Later, an Israeli facility offered her surgery, but the cost was too expensive for Yana’s family – almost $50,000.

The participation in the television show «Live» was the final ray of hope for the young lady. And it wasn’t in vain: once the documentary was shown on national television, many people became aware of Yana Muratova, including experts from a Moscow clinic who volunteered to perform many procedures for free as a result of the publicity.

Yana flew from Stavropol to Moscow for another surgery or procedure over the course of her therapy, which lasted five years. All of these efforts did not go to waste. The tumor has significantly shrunk in size, there is hardly any puffiness or scarring on her face, and the young lady herself is positively radiant.

Despite the fact that the course of therapy has not been finished, Analysts in the capital predict that Yana will have 3-4 procedures remaining to complete before the end of the month.

Yana received a deluge of comments from well-wishers on social media after the broadcast of the television program. Generally speaking, they were empathetic and encouraging. Some people shared their own stories of conquering a comparable ailment.

“There were also some humorous notes,” she adds with a giggle. — Young folks volunteered to help with arranging a personal life and left contact information. But, unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of leisure at this moment. I work full-time and go to Moscow for operations on weekends and evenings when I have time. “By the way, the next one will be in September or October of this year,” says the author.

Yana has set a goal for herself: first, she will finish her therapy, and then she will return to work in her field of expertise.

The young lady has aspirations of marrying and having children in the near future. We wish her the best of luck in anything she does!

By Anna

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