This is the heartwarming moment a devoted golden retriever refuses to abandon her human mother after she collapses on the side of the road.

After the woman collapsed while out walking her dog, emergency personnel were sent to the scene.

The paramedics were moved by the pup’s loyalty and determination, and they made an exception and allowed the golden retriever to accompany its mother in an ambulance.

In addition to being plainly concerned by the fact that its owner was no longer alive, the pup began running in circles, perhaps in the hope that aid would arrive shortly after she passed out.

The footage shows the woman lying lifeless on the floor, with her loyal dog by her side during the entire ordeal.

It was also observed helplessly clutching to the stretcher that was transporting the pup’s human mother to the hospital.

The dog acted as a guardian angel, spending every second of every day watching over its human companion while they were carried to the local hospital.

Once the couple arrived at the hospital, the physicians even let the devoted dog to sit and wait outside the treatment room until the procedure was completed.

When the woman regained consciousness, the first thing she said was the name of her pet dog, which she repeated several times.

When they finally allowed the golden to meet its human again, you could see how relieved they were that the lady had recovered from her illness.

A statement from Zhang Jihong, the hospital’s head nurse, stated, “When we saw the patient holding her dog, we realized we had done what was right by allowing it to accompany her.”

The woman was fine, and the cause of her fainting had been caused by her consuming too much alcohol the night before, according to the doctor.

Because the dog is so enormous, Yu Jingjing, another nurse at the hospital, explained that they were initially hesitant to approach the woman directly.

While the dog was extremely protective of its owner, it did not display any signs of violence towards us, according to the report.

As we reached the woman who was lying on the ground, the dog appeared to be pleased that we had arrived to assist her.

It was Yu who explained that dogs are normally not permitted in ambulances, but that they made an exception in this case because of the pup’s extraordinary loyalty.

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