The challenge of putting their children to sleep is not simple for many parents, and many turn to drastic tactics to achieve this goal for their children.

In order to induce her daughter to go asleep, one mother devised an ingenious trick: she moved all of the family’s pets into her daughter’s room with her.

Despite the fact that it took a great deal of commitment to make this work, the first attempt was a failure, and tiny Amelia ended up in her parents’ bed to sleep.

Even when Amelia got it to her little crib on her second try, the cunning toddler managed to crawl out before she could close the door behind her.
Three and four attempts ended with Amelia escaping from her crib as well, and one of the huskies even attempted to climb into the crib but was unable to due to the height of the crib’s bars.

It took several failed efforts before the correct mix was discovered, and Amelia appeared to only agree to go asleep if her mother and both of the puppies went to sleep at the same time.

The two huskies seemed to be delighted to comply, and they settled down in the room with her as she fell off to a restful slumber.

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