It has been reported that Bindi, the dog that was discovered with her paws frozen to the ground in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, was well enough to be released from VERG Animal Hospital on Thursday, and her condition is expected to improve.

However, Sean Casey Animal Rescued noted on Facebook that her kidney values were still elevated and that her bloodwork will be performed in three days despite her departure from the hospital. Bindi has also begun therapy for a stomach ulcer that she has developed. While Bindi still has a long journey ahead of her, she is surrounded by love, medical care, and people who are concerned about her well-being, and we are hopeful that she will thrive.

In the early hours of Friday morning, Jennifer Williams was out walking her two dogs in Prospect Park in New York City when the call of doggy parent duty came. During the cleanup after Jennifer’s first dog, Daisy, Jennifer’s second dog, managed to get her harness caught in something. Daisy (on the left) ran up to a hunched-over dark figure near a tree, which Jennifer immediately recognized as a dog that had been abandoned and tied to the tree. Jennifer immediately called 911. Jennifer provided the following explanation to BarkPost:

Her barking and crying were non-existent, and she fit in perfectly with the tree. The cold, fear, and exhaustion had paralyzed her, and she couldn’t move.”

Jennifer, who was taken away by what she was witnessing, said that she “didn’t believe it untilĀ got closer.” Jennifer hurried up to the famished black Pit Bull/Labrador mix and undid the chain from the tree’s branches before yanking it off the dog’s collar. Because the chain was too short, the dog was unable to lie down.

The weather was below freezing, but Jennifer removed her coat and wrapped the dog in it in an effort to keep the puppy as warm as she possibly could. Jennifer’s puppy must have sensed that she was in safe hands because she immediately relaxed in her arms.

Jennifer took the dog back to her home, where she discovered that the dog’s paws were bleeding from the trauma. When Jennifer spotted this little dog, she was able to figure out why she was unable to move. The dog’s paws had become immobile and frozen to the ground.

In recognition of the power of social media, Jennifer posted a picture of the puppy on her own Facebook page. Donna Sachs contacted Sean Casey of Sean Casey Animal Rescue after viewing the advertisement. Sean was on his way to Jennifer’s place in no time at all to pick up the puppy and take her to the veterinarian for appropriate care.

Despite the fact that she was very malnourished and abandoned in the terrible cold, this cute youngster became more lively as she warmed up, despite the fact that her paws were bleeding. It was her tail that wiggled when Jennifer handed her some water.

During the hauling up of the dog, Sean Casey Jr., Sean’s son, stood by his side. This girl’s name was given to her by her father. It’s a good thing he was, too. Brenda Irwin’s daughter, “Bindi,” was the inspiration for Sean Jr.’s name.

After being taken to VERG Animal Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, where she was treated by a 24-hour emergency veterinarian, Bindi was released. In addition to the effects of being exposed to extreme temperatures, Bindi looks to be suffering from additional health problems. Two blood transfusions were required because of her severe anemia. There is also some metal in her stomach, which was discovered by x-rays. She also has cherry eyes. Doctors performed an endoscopy on Saturday morning in order to remove the particles.

Jennifer made a point that

It is important for people to understand that just though there are dog lovers around, leaving their dog in a park does not ensure that [the dog] will be located and rescued.

If a family finds itself in the position of having to surrender an animal, they should hunt for an animal shelter or work with a local rescue organization to find the animal a new home.

In an interview with New York television station NBC 4, Sean stated:

“Any dog may be harmed by the cold… ” It is not recommended to leave any dog, animal, or human outdoors during severe weather.

If you see a dog left outdoors in inclement weather, the Humane Society of the United States urges that you notify local law enforcement authorities immediately. Hypothermia and frostbite may occur in animals if they are left outdoors in these weather conditions. In the same way that they are in risk of losing their lives.

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