The new homeowners were astonished to hear that they had received a cat as a gift with their new home — something they only found after they had already moved into the property.

It was only a few days after Miranda and her family had moved into their new home that they discovered a message from the previous owners informing them of the unexpected feline renter.

There was a wild cat that had been living in the backyard for the last ten years, and the message asked if they would be willing to take good care of him.

Soon later, the enigmatic cat came, as if he had sensed that they had just finished reading the message.

As Miranda described it, “we instantly glanced out the rear sliding glass door and he was gazing at us through the door.”

Miranda and her family were completely unaware that their new house came complete with a cat. This is due to the fact that they have five rescue cats of their own!

It was Miranda who told the Dodo that they had began giggling since they had five cats at the time. “All but one of them have been rescued,” Miranda stated to the Dodo. “People used to drop off their cats at the home where we used to reside, and we would take them in.”

The cat was given the name Raz, and it turns out that he is every bit as reserved as the former owners had described him.

Raz, on the other hand, has grown to trust the new family after many weeks of being fed by them.

“Whenever we arrived to the door, he used to run and hide. “We’ll be able to sit outdoors with him now,” Miranda remarked. As a result, he will come up and feed now that the screen door is open, something he would not have done before.

Additionally, he is at ease enough that he will come to the door and meow when it is time for food. Miranda hopes that Raz will feel comfortable with his new family to the point where he will let them to take him to the veterinarian and that he will become friends with their cats.

By Elen

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