Rex is a wonderful rescue dog who has proved that there is always something we can do to help others. He is a member of the American Kennel Club.

It took many years for the adorable little dog to meet Ed Gernon, who would go on to become his favorite human and the guy who would become his final family.

The moment Ed laid eyes on the animal, he knew it was waiting for him, and he didn’t waste any time in bringing him home to begin a new life with him. Despite his difficult childhood, Rex has always been a kind and affectionate little dog.

It was proved one day that he did not only have a great degree of compassion and love to offer to individuals, but that he also had compassion and love to give to every living creature in need. Rex couldn’t seem to stop sniffing about one of the park’s nooks and crannies. His owner decided to look into what had sparked his dog’s attention further in order to find out what had peaked his dog’s interest.

He came upon a young hummingbird that was resting on the ground with a shattered heart, which he comforted. Given the swarm of ants that surrounded her, Ed figured she had passed away already. In contrast, the sharp-eyed Rex saw that the gorgeous bird need urgent treatment.

“He was a fragile creature, a tiny little thing.” Everyone seemed to want to murder her, but Rex was just concerned with keeping her safe. “I was aware that she would have to contribute,” Ed stated.

Although Ed made many attempts to retrieve his hummingbird, the loyal tiny dog refused to surrender the bird. It wasn’t until Ed looked more closely that he discovered that the exquisite bird was still alive. He was in a fight for his life and in desperate need of aid.

Ed quickly snatched her up in his arms and whisked her away to a safe area in his house. She sought guidance from veterinarians and researched material on the internet.

It took many weeks of repeated treatments before the little bird, whom he called Hummer, was able to make a complete recovery. Her relief at discovering that her puppy and Hummer got along well after she was back to her regular self was palpable.

“While Hummer was honing her flying talents, it looked that she was head over heals in love with Rex.” “She had always wished to be in his company,” Ed said.

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