Nothing can compare to the terrifying sight of miles of flames sweeping relentlessly left and right. Because of forest fires in Northern California, the United States, this is the terrible reality that residents are forced to live with, but it is the pets that bear the brunt of the tragedy.

According to estimates, at least 200,000 people have been forced to flee their homes in fright, leaving their helpless pets to perish.

Numerous professional teams are working around the clock to rescue hundreds of dogs that have suffered severe burns and breathing troubles as a consequence of the unfortunate circumstance.

The vast majority of the pets, which include dogs and cats, belonged to people who had a family but were unable to take them with them when the flames engulfed their home. An emergency response team discovered a kitten called “fire cat” meowing amid the hundreds of tons of debris in the disaster area, and it turned out to be one of the unfortunate little animals.

A kitten named Prince is being treated for third-degree burns on his paws, belly, and face, similar to those sustained by Fire Cat. Kaity Kelsey, a Technical Assistant at the Veterinary Specialty Center of Southern Oregon, and Veterinary Assistant Kayla Weisz are now responsible for his medical care.

Following the rescue of the animals, the next step for the professionals is to separate the people from the pets. Employees at veterinary hospitals are utilizing social media to help themselves by posting photographs of the animals they are caring for.

Moreover, the reality is that all animals, especially farm animals that are maintained as pets by their owners, are exposed to potentially dangerous flames. Horses and donkeys were terrified prior to the fire, and many were burned, but many more were rescued and reunited with their families as a result.

According to experts, a large number of animals are still trapped inside homes that have been damaged or destroyed by the fire. The support of many more rescuers and good-heated individuals who join as volunteers is thus essential in order to continue saving the lives of many more unintentional victims.

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