3 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying That Are 100% Accurate.

What if lying became a science, and everyone who believed they could outsmart us with their lies was exposed by the same patterns? Even the most skilled liar makes mistakes.

Rather than spending hours poring over their story and trying to piece together the missing bits, keep an eye out for these three foul-proof techniques to spot someone who is lying.

1. Their Vibe Just Changes

We can sometimes just get a sense of who someone is.

They and the way they act have a subtlety to them. In this instance, all you have to do is follow your heart’s lead. Follow your instincts. It isn’t likely to lead you astray.

2. Their Body Language suddenly changes

Our body language accounts for 55% of all communication.

We have an amazing ability to detect small cues. You’re probably hearing a lie if they’re blinking quickly, not blinking at all, not making eye contact, putting their fingers on or near their mouths, or changing their head position abruptly.

3. Their Tone Suddenly Changes

The tone of voice we use, not just the words, accounts for over 40% of our communication. When someone is lying to you, they may speak more quietly, stutter somewhat, and provide far more information than is necessary in an attempt to persuade you.

Their voice may also have an anxious or fearful tone to it, which is especially obvious when you’ve asked them a seemingly innocuous question like what they did today. Two huge giveaways are body language and tone.

By Elen

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