Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is the only daughter of Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop.” Katherine Jackson is the only daughter of Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop.” Her birthday is April 3, 1998, and she was born in Beverly Hills (California, USA).

Her father’s renowned Neverland Ranch was her home for most of her youth, where she resided alongside her siblings.

Following the capital of France, the city of Paris was called after that city. It was Macaulay Culkin and Elizabeth Taylor who was chosen as her godparents. California’s most famous educational institutions provided her with an excellent education. The paparazzi have been following Paris since she was born, but she recalls this period with a grin, as she enjoyed it all at the time.

Paris’s life was turned upside down when her father died away when she was eleven years old. So far, the young lady has struggled to adjust to her loss. “Everyone believes that time is a healer. No, not at all. “It’s simply that you become accustomed to living with this discomfort,” she says.

Her first experience with violence occurred when she was 14 years old. She was bullied and misunderstood at school, which resulted in a profound depression that lasted for months.

Her work brought her back to life, and she was requested to participate in a number of photoshoots for well-known glossy publications. She started collaborating with worldwide businesses, appearing in films and music videos, and acting in commercials.

With affection and admiration, Paris recounts her childhood with Michael, who she considers to be a fantastic dad. As a result, the loss of her renowned father was very difficult for her.

In tribute to her father, Paris inked the date «08/29/1958» on her forearm, which corresponds to the day of his birth.

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