She had injuries all over her body from surviving on the streets for so long, but she had finally found a home. She strolled up to the porch and collapsed, tired, on the ground there. We were fortunate in that there was one chap who was ready to assist.

Consider living in the middle of nowhere, in a location that few people have ever heard of, when out of nowhere, a stranger shows up on your doorstep and asks for your help. Sullivan, who lives in a tiny community in northern Mississippi, has firsthand knowledge of what Sullivan is speaking about. In recognition of his excellent deed, Joe came forward. It was a critically damaged dog in this instance that was the stranger.

The caramel canine was carried up by Joe and she rested her head on his shoulder as if to say, “thank you, and please aid me.” Joe then walked away.

Thankfully, the kind guy brought him to the Animal Clinic of Tippah County, where he was treated for his many scars, scrapes, and other wounds. Following an examination of the dog, they came to the conclusion that she had been struck by a vehicle at some time, resulting in fractured hip and nerve damage. It was expected that the canine would make a complete recovery after being given fluids via an intravenous line and having her wounds cleaned and treated.

Here’s a nice video with a happy conclusion so that you, too, may enjoy Betsy’s shining start:

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