The internet is going wild about an adorable little dog whose duty it is to sniff out and find any Russian mines that may have been planted in the United States.
Patron, the Ukrainian military dog, who seems to be a Jack Russell Terrier, can be seen wearing a little Ukrainian military vest, which it appears to have discovered while searching for a Russian mine.

Apparently, dogs have been employed to correctly smell out explosives since the Second World War, according to certain reports.
They do their job by smelling for the scent of chemicals and explosives that are often released by mines.

Certain dog breeds are particularly adept at focusing on certain odors and separating them from background aromas, making them particularly well suited for this role.

Dogs are about 40 times better at smelling than humans, owing to the fact that their olfactory center, the area of the brain responsible for scent, is 40 times larger than ours.

“There is no alternative for a dog’s ability to detect intruders. Currently, there is no machine-made that can do the same tasks as a dog, according to William Cronin, director of the American K-9 Association.

You can smell stew in the air as you go into your grandmother’s kitchen. “When the dog enters your grandmother’s kitchen, he detects the scent of carrots, pepper, tomatoes, and lettuce.”
More than 750 canines are being used in human demining operations in around 23 countries.

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