Jessica Williams was eager to have a puppy before her birthday in November, and she was not disappointed. She was overjoyed to say the least! Following the couple’s relocation to a pet-friendly apartment, Jessica’s boyfriend, Jared, finally agreed to let them have pets. Jessica just had a few more months to go before she could be married. She couldn’t help but succumb to her own desires. She merely needed to look at pictures of puppies on the internet to have a general idea of what she would be getting.

It was the first time she had ever seen him. She had a puppy that was in desperate need of her assistance right now. Her heart was devastated when she saw the most dejected little face she had ever seen in her life.

Benji, a stray who was picked up in Los Angeles and put to a huge, noisy city shelter, had a sad little look on his face when he was picked up. He was a fearful little creature who had developed an allergy to fleas and had lost a significant amount of his hair as a consequence.

As Jessica said to The Dodo, “He had been in the shelter for 10 days and wasn’t dealing with it very well.” “He would growl and snap at people as they passed by.” He was the saddest dog I’d ever seen, and I knew we couldn’t let him die on the streets.”

Their decision to travel the six-hour journey from their Sacremento condominium to Los Angeles was based on the fact that Benji need their assistance.

When the couple arrived to the shelter and notified the staff that they wanted to adopt Benji, they were caught away by the reaction of the staff. Both of them were fully aware that the dog would demand a significant amount of care and training. They even attempted to convince Jessica and Jared that they should not adopt Benji, but they were adamant.

When the couple met Benji, they realized that their concerns were correct. Benji would be adopted and welcomed into their little family, which consisted of three children. It had been a long journey for them, so they were relieved to be back home.

Even though Benji was terrified throughout the car journey, Jessica and Jared were well aware that this was entirely normal. When they came home, though, Benji started behaving in exactly the manner that the shelter personnel had anticipated. He gave the impression of being distant and disinterested in his new paw-rents.

But then, after a few days, something remarkable happened that changed everything.

Benji came to the realization that he was no longer in danger. Even the dog with the saddest little face, the puppy that no one wanted, started to have fun! He started to live his life rather than only play with his friends!

In the words of Jessica, “He enjoys coming up to us and licking our faces while playing with his toys.” “He’s turned into such a knucklehead!” After taking a bath, he has acute zoomies. His barking will also start immediately after we get inside the vehicle, almost as if saying “We need to get going!”. ‘We need to get moving!” is another phrase he uses. ‘Let’s get going!’

Only three weeks have passed since Benji joined the family, but he has already established himself as a valuable member of the group. He likes going on new experiences with his friends Jessica and Jared.

Benji’s story serves as a poignant reminder that ALL shelter pets, whatever of looks, ought to be given the opportunity to be adopted. Suddenly, they are no longer in the scary shelter environment, and anything may happen. Since been offered a true opportunity to be a part of a genuine family…

The happiest shelter dog in the world hasn’t lost his smile!

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By Elen

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