No parent ever wants to consider the possibility of their kid being involved in a harmful scenario.

The one saving grace in this situation is the knowledge of how intelligent and resilient children can be, especially when faced with a crisis.

Children recall their training and leap into action, and one of the skills we teach them is how to cry for aid if they need it.

One young woman used this information to save her father’s life.

Savannah of Indiana, who was five years old at the time, ended up saving her father’s life since she understood how to phone 911 while her father was experiencing chest symptoms. She maintained her composure and communicated clearly.

She also made them laugh till they were in tears.
In fact, the 911 phone call that was recorded became viral as a result of the incident.

When operator Jason Bonham inquired as to what was wrong with the small child, she was able to provide him with specific information.

“Um… my father is having trouble breathing,” she explained.

Bonham made certain that an ambulance was sent to their residence as soon as possible.

“OK… “You need to get here very, really quickly!” she said.

He reassured her that they were on their way to her destination. Bonham then inquired as to if her father was still awake, to which she responded that he was.

Bonham inquired as to whether the door was unlocked.
She had to check with her father, who informed her that that was not the case. Her next step was to follow Bonham’s directions and open the door so that the emergency responders could gain access to their house.

In the meanwhile, she made it a point to console her father.

“Don’t be worried, Dad!” Savannah maintained her composure throughout the conversation.

Savannah responded to each and every question that was posed to her.
“Could you perhaps ask him [her father] whether anything like this has ever occurred before?” he inquired.

“No, everything is OK so far,” she said. “He’s still awake,” I say.

“Hey, check with him to see if he’s experiencing any chest discomfort,” Bonham added.

“Are you having any chest pain?” she inquired of her father.

“Yes,” she confirmed to Bonham. “This is the first time he has done this.”

Despite the fact that it is just an audio clip, it seems as if the small girl is maintaining her composure despite the frightening scenario.

After then, things started to get a little silly.
It was at this point that Savanah grew anxious about what she was wearing. She expressed herself as follows:

“Ok. We’re still in our pajamas! In addition, I’m wearing a tank top, so… “I’ll have to get dressed,” she said to Bonham, who nodded. But… he definitely needs oxygen, and he needs it immediately. I’m not sure what I’m going to wear.” Yes, the door is unlocked.” “The door is unlocked.”

Bonham made an effort to keep the attention on her father.
“Does he seem to be doing well, Savannah?” he inquired.

She informed him that he was correct and that she was going to be in her room to get dressed before leaving. After all, you don’t want to be seen in your pajamas, do you?

“Hey Savannah, how are you? “I’d want you to remain with your Daddy, please,” I say.

When he agreed, she felt that it was time to inform him about another vital member of the family: the family dog.

“Ok. I get what you’re saying. And… we have a dog….who, may we say, is a little… err…. little.”

She informs him that Lou, their dog, is nice and that he sometimes barks.

” Lou, get a grip! [aims a click at the dog] Come on, Lou Lou, the ambulance is on its way! Come on! “Come on in!” Savannah expresses herself.

In the end, Savannah’s father remained unharmed, and the little girl was hailed as a hero. However, this endearing 911 recording has everyone in fits of laughter.

In the video below, you can see Savannah inject some levity into a potentially dangerous scenario.
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