Pit Bull Puppy Gets The Best Surprise When He Is Reunited With His Rescuer After Being Raised Badly Injured

Joey W., a marine from Nova Scotia, was killed in action.

When he saved a Pit Bull that was on the point of death, he went above and beyond his call of duty to do so.

As soon as Wagner discovered the mange-infested pup, he responded swiftly! He took him to the veterinarian right away for prompt treatment. He was fortunate in that his quick thinking saved the pup’s life.

Because of his good fortune, the puppy was given the name Mojo.

The medical team did not want traditional adoption because they believed it was immoral.

They went out to a very unique person to ask if he would be willing to offer his house to Mojo and his family. It was clear that he had already allowed his heart to be opened.Mojo was overjoyed to finally meet the guy who had saved his life. Wagner recognized him, and he was a genius for coming up with the idea of bringing the two of them back together!

Mojo is now three years old and doing well! He lives happily with Wagner and his family and appears to be a contented young man. We’ve heard rumors that he’s been lavished with attention, and we couldn’t be happier!

Check out the amazing video from The Dodo!

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