It seems as if Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are relocating to a new residence. The news was announced in a statement issued by the Kensington Palace. They have revealed that the royal couple is ready to relocate to the country from their current residence in London.

In order to prepare for the impending birth of their first child, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will relocate to Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate early next year. Nottingham Cottage has been the couple’s home since they got engaged in December of last year. Their Royal Highnesses consider Windsor to be a particularly unique location, and they are happy that their official house will be located on the grounds of the estate. “The official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will remain at Kensington Palace,” according to the announcement.

The young couple received the home as a gift from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. It is known as Frogmore Cottage, and it is situated in the Royal Borough of Windsor.

“When I was there, Frogmore Cottage was divided into five distinct homes,” says Darren McGrady, the royal chef who used to live just next door in the Stables. Staff housing was managed by Crown properties, which meant that it was funded by the government and that there was never any significant overspending. You’re in the Queen’s back yard, which is a beautiful position, but the place itself is quite run-down. If anything needed to be fixed, it would just be mended; it would never be replaced under any circumstances. As a former employee, I can attest that the staff quarters were never very nice, and I can only image how much effort will be required to transform them into royal quarters.”

“I’m certain that it will be put back together and restored to its former splendor for Harry and Meghan.” They would have to make a lot of changes, though, without a doubt! In that location, they could easily build 10, 12, or even more bedrooms and then add all of the frills – such as drawing and sitting rooms, and even a gym,” he said.

Take a peek around the interior of Harry and Meghan’s new residence!

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