This is Rex, a stray dog who was rescued and welcomed into a loving, permanent home after spending his first few months on the streets.

Rex was a violent stray before he was adopted by Ed Gernon of Whittier, California. He was often spotted fighting other dogs and cats on the sidewalks before he was rescued.
The dog has transformed into someone who is nice and friendly, and one particular bird will undoubtedly agree with me on this point.

On one of their walks, Rex and his human came upon what seemed to be a dead hummingbird on the ground, coated in ants. They stopped to investigate.

Gernon, who had assumed the bird passed away, was going to walk away when Rex stood firm and refused to leave until he had assisted the unfortunate creature.
That’s when Gernon discovered that the bird, who has since been called Hummer, was still alive but in bad condition, and that he needed to intervene.

The thing in question, he said to CBS Los Angeles, was “this small creature.” ‘This frail thing that the whole world wanted to murder, and he was trying to defend her, so I decided to go the extra mile.’
Therefore, Gernon brought the hummingbird home in the hopes of bringing it back to health, and, to his surprise, Hummer seemed to have regained her vigor.

Hummer was able to fly again after a few weeks, thanks to the regular care provided by Gernon and Rex, of course.
Over the course of these weeks, Hummer has grown to have so much faith in Rex that the two of them have begun to play together; it’s almost as if Hummer recalls the part Rex played in saving her life.

He even goes so far as to declare that Hummer has “formed a tremendous infatuation with Rex” and doesn’t want to be separated from him.
In a YouTube video, he said that she wanted to be nearby wherever he went. He ate for a while, so she took a bath in his water dish to pass the time till she could play with him once again. Such an odd, but incredible experience.”

Eventually, Gernon anticipates that Hummer will seek a partner who is more compatible with her than Rex when she grows older.

To be sure, they will continue to be grateful for the fact that their acts have gone full circle until the day she decides to fly away.
“I’m the one who rescued this puppy. He is successful in rescuing the bird. We are all saved in a strange way by the bird; it is nothing short of miraculous.”

Watch the videos of these friends below:

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