Marco Maiolani, a 55-year-old citizen of Lombardy who had coronavirus and was sent to the hospital, had his life converted into a “Groundhog Day” for Billy, his owner’s dog.

For the last two months, the dog has been sitting at the front entrance of the home, anticipating the arrival of its owner.

Marco’s grandkids are continually trying to encourage the dog to come inside, but he only agrees to do so in the evenings out of concern.

Early in the morning, he is already at the front entrance, waiting for the door to be opened for him so that he may walk out onto the porch with a favorite blanket and keep an eye out for his owner throughout the day.

Marco attempted to cure himself at home after testing positive for COVID-19. He was unsuccessful.

However, his condition worsened and he was transferred to an intensive care unit.

The guy had been fighting for his life for two months and had only lately begun to recover.

He is expected to be able to come home and embrace his devoted canine companion in the near future, according to doctors at St. Mark’s Hospital in Pavia.

Marco is informed by his family that Billy would be waiting for him at the home on a daily basis.

These anecdotes tend to warm a man’s heart and allow him to regain his strength more quickly.

“I adore him, but I love him much more,” the Italian adds. “There aren’t any others like him in the world. I’ll be back in a little while, and I’ll be with Billy again.”

When Billy grows desperate, he starts to wail loudly and call for his owner, prompting the owner to come running.

Friends and family members of Marco soothe the pet, assuring him that his pal is already on his way to recovery.

And, it seems, he comprehends the situation and expects that they will meet soon enough.

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