If we had to choose, would we rather have money or happiness as a goal in life? Well, I used to question whether it was possible to be happy and fulfilled without having a lot of money, but this image seemed to offer me a cause to think that it is really possible.

Once the photo is uploaded on Instagram, it quickly becomes viral, spreading the image of a homeless guy sleeping with his lifelong puppy arm in arm, their faces beaming with delight as they sleep.

This is a magnificent example of real love, camaraderie, and a very special bond between people and their animal partners. Dogs will aid in the alleviation of the loneliness experienced by homeless persons who live on the streets on a daily basis. In addition, the homeless will share all of their food and water with their pets, which is a sad situation.

In the photograph, you can see the guy cuddling with his dog, who is blissfully lying on his chest. Its cheek is right close to his, and its lips are wide open in a kind grin. Both seem to be enjoying a nice dream close to one other, despite the fact that they are both covered in unclean bedding. They are able to provide each other with comfort and affection in a way that nothing else in life can. It’s a breathtaking sight to witness!

No one knows if they formerly shared a home or whether they were two separate destinies who happened to cross paths on the street, but one thing is certain: they need your assistance in finding a place to live, food, and clothing of their own.

Spread the word about this photo among your friends and relatives to see if they can do anything to assist these sad folks.

By Anna

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