A kitten called June was found as a stray in Hout Bay, a hamlet in the South African city of Cape Town, in November of last year.

According to Holly Gilbert-Jones, a volunteer with Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG), “She was brought in… by a member of the community who had discovered her, and I believe her mother had been slain,” she said to The Dodo. The absence of brothers and sisters is explained as follows:

When the DARG team met June, they quickly observed that she was a bit odd – she’d been born blind, but June didn’t seem to be bothered by this.

In Gilbert-Jones’ words, “she clearly has no comprehension or awareness that she is any different from any of the other cats.” “She’d be zipping up and down the corridor at breakneck speed.”

June was placed with Gilbert-Jones for a period of many months, during which time she fell in love with her. June was not only full of energy, but she also desired affection from everyone she came into contact with.

In the words of Gilbert-Jones, “there’s something about her.” “It’s almost as though she emits this joyous energy from inside her.” Everyone who comes into contact with her is instantly smitten. “She has this incredible ability to win people over.”

Soon June stole the hearts of Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner, who’d seen a post about her on Facebook and decided to adopt her without even meeting her first. When they arrived to take her up, they were certain that they had made the proper choice.

“We were over over heels in love from the beginning,” Duff told The Dodo. We’ve been very, very close ever since she snuggled up in my arms and I gave her a wonderful hug.

” She’s really affectionate – she’s perhaps the most affectionate animal I’ve ever encountered.”

June climbed into Duff’s arms and nestled up against him as they drove back to their house.

“She simply snuggled up into his neck and remained there,” Warner told The Dodo in an interview. The next day, I received a small tag that stated Daddy’s Girl since I recognized it was the end of my relationship with my father. ‘He’s become hers,’ she says.

Duff and Warner’s two cats, Leia and Leeloo, weren’t very fond of June, and they weren’t the only ones.

“We were a little concerned about June’s integration with them, and the first couple of weeks were filled with hissing and turmoil,” Duff said.

But June eventually won Leia and Leeloo over as well.

“She was determined to be with them, and was very persistent about playing with them,” Warner said. “Now they’re very much sisters, and they love each other.”

June, on the other hand, gradually won over Leia and Leeloo as well.

According to Warner, “she was desperate to be with them and was extremely relentless in her want to play with them.” The two of them are now very much sisters, and they adore one another.

Aside from her apparent affection for her family, June enjoys going on walks with her leash and harness with her pack of puppies.

According to Duff, “she’s bolder than our other two cats.” “Despite the fact that she is blind, she continues to walk.” She takes risks and is resourceful in her problem-solving. Our daughter has traveled with us previously, and she can quickly get acclimated to a new environment within minutes of arriving.

“When we take her on walks, it’s incredible to observe how she reacts to different noises,” Duff said. “She’ll hear a bee buzzing about the flowers, and she’ll jump at the chance to catch it. Alternatively, she may hear birds and quickly turn.”

Duff further said that June has assisted both Warner and himself in learning to be more observant of their surroundings and to appreciate the present moment.

Duff said that as she walks, she needs to smell everything. As a result, you must be patient since the outer world is rather huge. It’s really rather lovely since it has a calming effect on us. “I believe she instructs us.”

It’s impossible for Duff and Warner to imagine their lives without June, and they adore everything about their adorable little blind cat.

“She’s simply amazing in every aspect of her personality,” Duff remarked of the actress. “I’ve never encountered an animal that was as loving, as cheerful, or as resilient as this one. “She’s the sweetest little thing in the world.”

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