If you’ve ever wondered what true happiness looks like, the answer isn’t difficult to come by. You take a litter of Golden Retriever pups and a young kid and place them in a backyard together to play. The end result is going to be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. That has already been accomplished, so all you have to do is sit back and watch it – since it was captured on video – and take pleasure in it!

It seems like a small kid is having the time of his life while being followed about by a slew (I counted at least seven) of lovely pups in a short video clip posted on YouTube. The event was captured on video in So Paulo, Brazil, and it shows the kid jumping up and down with delight as he runs around his garden, accompanied by a swarm of pups following in his wake.

When the hyperactive pups finally manage to tackle the lad down on the grass, the nice part starts, since all they want is to be kissed and cuddled; and they get enough of them!

The heartwarming clip was first uploaded on Instagram, where it was warmly embraced by the public. “Get ready for the most devastating onslaught you’ll ever see today!!!” The caption, which has been translated from Portuguese, reads as follows: A parent said that “the youngster had a wonderful time!”

Take a look at the adorable scene below:

By Anna

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