Several times, we have seen dedicated police officers risking their own lives in order to rescue the lives of others. However, these heroic men and women do not just safeguard human beings, but also animals. The result was a brave cop who didn’t hesitate to put his life on the line to rescue a forlorn dog that was in critical need. Coworkers of the police officer were able to capture the scene on tape!

The dramatic incident occurred in Mexico, and it was released online by the Federal Police as a reminder to the public that these officers are always prepared to defend everyone, even if it means putting their own lives in danger to protect them.

“When carrying out our duties, we are confronted with a variety of problems,” the Mexican Federal Police said on Facebook, “all of which are aimed at safeguarding life!”

With the flames developing swiftly, a police group called to a home fire quickly discovered a terrified dog stuck inside of the fence. One of the cops swooped in to rescue the unfortunate critter from certain death. The heroic police officer is seen encircling the dog in the video; he ultimately manages to scoop up the puppy and carry him to safety with him.

Lulu, a German shepherd, was protecting the property when the fire broke out, according to reports in the local press. Neither the Federal Police nor the fire department provided any information about how the blaze began or if anybody was injured.

Here’s where you can see the touching rescue!

By Anna

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