The items that a family does not want to bring with them into their new home will be left behind when they relocate into their new home. An old mattress, some furniture, cushions, and a frightened dog called Boo were among the items left on the curb by the family.

Of course, Boo was completely unaware that his owners had left him, and he continued to hold out hope that his family would return. As a result, he got into the bed, surrounded by the familiar odors, and waited expectantly for them to arrive. He refused to move or go anywhere until his family returned to him, despite the fact that neighbors had given him food and water to drink.

Naturally, the neighbors were worried as a result of this terrible occurrence. Unknown to the guy who uploaded a picture of Boo on a dog-related Facebook group and begged for aid from a nearby shelter, no one came to take him in.

The message was seen by Mike Diesel, the founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, who responded by offering to assist Boo. The next day, he went out to see Boo and chat to him about how to repair the dog’s shattered heart. When he determined that Boo was comfortable with him, he scooped up the dog, loaded him into the vehicle, and drove him to the veterinarian.

“He was simply lying there, being his faithful self,” Diesel explains to The Dodo in an interview. “The pillows were still in place on the bed. It was only natural that he would wait for his master to return, like the faithful dog he was meant to be.”

Boo is receiving the assistance he needs, and he is doing really well. The staff were quite aback by how lovely Boo was after all he had been through. Finally, he was able to find a new home where his parents adore him and would never forsake him again.

Watch the video below:

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