Sadly, Sterling, a very loving 11-year-old Siberian husky, was forced to confront the most difficult task of his life three years ago when he was diagnosed with glaucoma and turned blind. The dog, who lives with his family in Seattle, has been severely impacted by his loss of vision. Sterling’s parents, Lillian and Mark McKee, were likewise concerned that their furry child would not be able to adjust to this challenging environment. When Walker arrived, though, things began to alter.

The diagnosis of glaucoma, according to his wife, Lillian, was a “devastating blow.” For a year and a half, we put up a struggle against it, but we realized we wouldn’t be able to stop it for much longer.”

A 10-year-old Alaskan Malamute named Walker has found himself in the position of Sterling’s guide dog by mistake. After meeting for the first time, the two quickly became friends, and the strong link they currently have demonstrates that they were destined to be best friends. To get through the difficult hurdle created by his vision impairments, Walker, who is very energetic, was all that Sterling needed.

Following his initial treatment, “he was a little depressed,” according to the owners, “but we brought him to the beach with Walker and he cheered up.” In our experience, continuing his favorite hobbies such as jogging, long walks, and vacations to the beach have helped him regain his youthful energy. The fact that Sterling is blind does not detract from his enjoyment of the game, and I have a sneaking suspicion that he is unaware of this.”

Walker, on the other hand, is more than simply a service dog; he is also Sterling’s closest buddy. He not only comforts him and assists him in his exploration of the world, but he also stands by his side throughout his happy times. The two of them even eat and sleep together, and Sterling continues to be the joyful dog he has always been because of Walker’s overwhelming positive energy.

The fact that he has someone to obey him, according to Lillian, is one of the reasons he remains such a happy dog. We had no intention of adopting Walker, but when his foster family was unable to care for him any longer, he became an immediate member of our family.

Several pairs of goggles are kept on Sterling’s person in order to shield his eyes from bright light or the sun. Walker, of course, desired a pair of his own, and their parents are happy to accommodate his request.

‘To keep his eyes safe, Sterling has a couple sets of ski goggles that we alternate,’ they said. “In order for Walker to not feel left out, he has a pair of shoes as well.”

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