This is the adorable moment a baby girl does her best to persuade her huge dog to take a bath in order to make him happy. Phil – a lovely Malamute – is exhausted after spending time in the backyard, so he goes into his sister’s bed to take a nap while she is asleep. Mom, on the other hand, is not pleased with Phil’s behavior since his paws are covered in muck and his fluffy hair is damp and soiled as a result. Consequently, she requests that he take a bath, which he does not seem to be very pleased with.

As a result of Phil’s dissatisfaction with the manner in which his parents are attempting to persuade him, they name their newborn girl – Amelia – after Phil’s closest friend. And it is at this point that the endearing discussions begin. Following the instructions of her parents, the young girl approaches her pal and gently informs him that he is in desperate need of a warm bath!

“Come on pal on pal…come on pal,” Amelia, the baby, encourages him. “Aww, he’s in such a bad mood. Please be kind to him and inform him that the bath time has arrived. Perhaps you might give him a kiss on the ear,” the girl’s father can be heard saying. Phil maintains his composure as the child tenderly kisses her ‘furry companion’ on the ear and rubs him. Not even a modest reward appears to be enough to persuade him, and the family’s cat, who ultimately joins them in their endeavor to coax the gentle giant into the restroom, does not seem to have much luck either. However, his response remains a “no.”

Phil eventually manages to make his way to the restroom, despite the hardest efforts.  Here’s where you can see the hilarious moment!

In a second video clip, Phil is seen timidly getting into a bath tube and gets captured on camera. Of course, the adorable Amelia is also around to assist him in cleaning off his fur. Milo, the fluffy cat, couldn’t be absent from the presentation since he had also contributed to the cause in some way.

“You won’t believe how Phil really goes in the bath by himself after Amelia persuaded him in the previous video,” Amelia’s mother said in the video description. “You won’t believe how Phil actually gets in the bath by himself after Amelia convinced him in the previous video.” “He is madly in love with this young girl!”

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