A couple from Vietnam came across a little kitten who had become stuck in a log and was unable to free herself.

They had no idea how it had happened, but they realized they had to do something because the small kitten was shivering and clearly afraid, so they went to work.

The only thing they could do was chop around the wood in the hopes of freeing her from its grasp.

The following section of the story is similar of a horror film. The man took a razor-sharp hatchet and began hacking away at the wood, which was dangerously close to the kitten’s body.

But there was no need to be concerned because he was really skillful and careful.

However, the sound was scaring the cat even more, and she began to wriggle her way further up the log, only to become even more trapped as a result.

After a hard three minutes, they were able to free one of her feet, and with a little tugging, they were able to free her head as well.

For someone so young, it must have been a horrific event, and how fortunate she was to be discovered by someone who knew precisely what to do.

By Elen

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