A stray dog named Blue was brought to the attention of the Washington County Animal Shelter in April of this year after appearing at a stranger’s home in need of a safe place to remain.

Animal control officers were quick to apprehend Blue, a pit bull mix, and transport him back to the shelter.

The length of Blue’s time on the streets was unclear, but the fact that he appeared to exhibit a great deal of affection to every person he encountered was heartwarming.

According to Tammy Davis, the executive director of the animal shelter, “He was a happy-go-lucky dog.”
Although he was first reserved and uninterested in the presence of the other dogs, he quickly warmed up to them and became highly friendly with the humans around him, as well as the members of the team.

Because to Covid, the shelter has been compelled to seal its doors to the general public and only accepts visitors by appointment.

Although Blue was forced to spend months waiting in his kennel, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Read on to find out how!

As a part of their effort to introduce Blue to prospective adopters, the shelter posted a video of Blue playing with his favorite toy on their Facebook page.

Blue had gone missing from his home in Tennessee six months before this incident occurred. Because of employment obligations, his owner had to move to Texas, where he had been looking unsuccessfully since his disappearance.

He had assumed that he would never see Blue again until a buddy sent him the Facebook video to his attention.

“Blue’s lovely toy at the shelter was a blue squeaky ball, and in our video, he is seen playing with that ball,” Davis said.
“Once we got the discussion going with the owner, he confirmed that he did indeed have photographs of his dog. He showed us images of Blue playing with the same blue ball that he used to play with at home, which was his favorite toy. “It was out of control.”

In order for them to be reunited, Blue’s father traveled 1,200 miles, and the reunion was all they could have dreamed for and more.

“It was immediately apparent that the dog had formed a relationship with that individual,” Davis added.
When Blue first looked at the scene he was stunned, thinking, “Am I trusting my eyes?” And then there was just kisses all over the place, and the guy was weeping, it was wonderful.”

Take a look at this touching reunion:

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