Let us introduce you to Proshka, a 2-year-old dog that has lately gone viral due to his unruly fur and nasty appearance. Several well-known figures, like Gizmo from the film “Gremlins” and Chewbacca from Star Wars, have been compared to him.

Proshka has amassed a large number of followers on Instagram, where his owner Stefani Doherty often posts pictures of him and his siblings Tati, Ruby, and Penny, among other things. Until now, their Instagram feed has amassed a following of almost 25k people. People were mesmerized by his outlandish appearance and couldn’t get enough of his photographs.

The first time he was addressed as Chewbacca, according to Stefani Doherty, was when he was taken to the doctor for his vaccines and a man approached him and remarked “hey, it’s baby Chewbacca.” He seems to take pleasure in the attention and the title he receives.

Contrary to his grouchy demeanor, he is a comically amusing, affectionate, energetic, and content dog. He could stare at you as though he’s passing judgment on you at times. It’s quite amusing!

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By Elen

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