A touching moment will be seen when a dog is reunited with its loving owner, regardless of whether they have been apart for 10 minutes or ten months! And the heartwarming reunion shown in this post will have you in tears.

Oshie, the golden retriever, has been separated from his mother for a year. His mother is a marine, therefore she had to leave Oshie with her family while she was away. The dog had been missing her terribly and was desperate to meet her. He was, however, unable to do anything except wait for her return.

Finally, Oshie’s mother came home after a year-long deployment and surprised him with a nice gift. Oshie was overcome with happiness and leapt all about her, kissed her, and hugged her in the most loving ways. So much so that he even flipped over on his back to get some much-needed belly massage!

We are overjoyed to witness how this Golden Retriever was reunited with his long-lost human mother. These people’s responses are just priceless!

When troops are reunited with their pets, there is nothing more heartwarming than seeing their immeasurable happiness. If you like this movie, please forward it to your friends and family members so that they may enjoy it as well. Thanks!

Watch the video below…

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