Foster homes will be assigned to shelter animals until they are able to find their forever homes with their adoptive families.

The fact that these animals are aware that their foster parents are decent people does not prevent them from requiring additional time to become acclimated to their new environment and humans.

It didn’t take long for six adorable kittens from Best Friends Animal Society, a Los Angeles-based animal shelter, to settle into their new foster home and feel comfortable. It is only love that they require, and they are lavished with it by their new human friends.

Because the kittens are so lovely, the foster parents decided to videotape them and make the clip available to the public for viewing.

Each time one of these tiny creatures does something adorable, they take a photograph of themselves.

Despite the fact that all kittens crave attention from their foster parents, a baby appears to have a more intense desire for it. The kitten has a few of requests for her new human friend, which are as follows. More abrasions, please!

As you can see in the video, a human hand begins to scratch the kitten behind her chin, which she appears to appreciate. The petting, on the other hand, comes to an end.

As soon as the person stops petting her, the cat opens her jaws and cries out in pain. As soon as he hears her loud meow, her foster father picks her up and begins patting her again.

Upon receiving another petting, this kitty appears to be entirely comfortable and pleased.

This is something that happens on a frequent basis. Her foster father begins touching her, but then abruptly stops and looks away. Of course, she lets out another meow to indicate that she is happy.

Before she falls asleep, it is clear that she desires more affection and attention. Wouldn’t you say that’s a little too much to ask? No, we don’t believe that’s the case.

A cat is among the cutest baby animals on the planet, so it’s no surprise that witnessing one may cause your heart to melt.

Watch the video below…

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