In the course of her stroll, this lady from Kamloops, Canada, observed something she would remember for the rest of her life. Allison Burton was going down her neighborhood when she saw a large wild cat casually strolling by her. It was nearing midday at the time. The path was taken up by a lovely lynx, precisely as if it were a catwalk.

Even though it was a bright and beautiful day, the street was far from empty, and the magnificent feline did not seem to be troubled by this fact at all. On the contrary, she even managed to strike some gorgeous positions while remaining completely unnoticed. Naturally, a spectacle like this would draw the attention of onlookers from all directions.

“To be honest with you, he couldn’t care less about anybody around him,” Burton stated. “There were people on bicycles passing by him.” He was lost in his own world, taking pleasure in the sunlight.”

Burton couldn’t believe her eyes when she realized that a lynx was truly parading down her street, just like the rest of the neighborhood. Fortunately, she had the courage to take her iPhone and capture a few pictures of the adorable kitty on the spot.

THE DODO spoke with a lady who said she had never seen one in real life and had no idea what it was. “The mere sight of this magnificent creature wandering so near to my house filled me with excitement and wonder. This creature was simply so beautiful and content to be in its own little world, carrying on with its own activities.”

Residents of Kamloops are reporting sightings of lynx on a regular basis, with six sightings already this year.

By Anna

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